2013 Registration

Registration for 2013 is open now. Priority will be given to existing students. New students who wish to sign up are urged to do so early to secure a place.

Details of the programme offered at the 2 centres are available here:

Blk 610, CCCK St 62 (formerly at Yew Tee CC) 

Blk 473, CCK Ave 3 

To register, choose one of the options below:

Enroll thru' online form

Online Form: 
Click here to register online. You can also email us at register@milleprime.com.sg

Enroll by SMS

 SMS: Format of SMS message:
Centre <space> Student's name <space> Subject(s)
E.g. Blk610 Nacy Drew Sec_3_English 

After receiving your online enrollment, we will get in touch with you within three (3) working days to confirm your registration.



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