About Us

Founded in 2002, we cater to the learning needs of school-going students, from Primary to Secondary students. Today, we conduct classes at several centres in the Western part of Singapore,

We provide learning courses for these categories of students:

  • Primary students
  • Secondary students

Our holistic approach to the education and development of students has been carried through with conviction, and the results speak for itself. Our students are consistently achieving good results in the Year-End school leaving examinations.

Our curriculum is tailored to cater to different learning levels of learning abilities, helping to increase our students' potential to achieve higher performance.

Our Philosophy

The MillePrime teachers recognize that education is a life long enriching process and that each child has different learning potential and needs. Whether the child is a fast learner or a steady worker, he needs constant encouragement and support both at home, in school and at MillePrime learning centre.

The MillePrime child feels cared for and is always nudged to reach for higher heights. He will always be given the time and space to seek improvement in his area of studies. When he is assured, comforted and loved, the MillePrime child develops a positive attitude and self-confidence.

Our Values

  • Trust and Respect for Individuals
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Open and Timely Communication
  • Performance Excellence
  • Creativity and Spirit of Innovation

We value our staff and customers

We are committed to deliver quality educational services with our very best, delivering values to our customers cost effectively.

We seek your understanding that whilst we strive to achieve that objective, we recognize that we cannot be everything to everyone.

We reserve the right to protect our staff, teachers, students from any unwarranted hostility from any members of the public.


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