Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you collect registration fee and deposit?
A. No, we do not charge registration fee and deposit.

Q. How many lessons are there in a month?
A. There are 4 lessons in a month for all months of studies. For a month with 5 weeks, there will be no lesson for the 5th week of that month.

Q. Will there be clases on public holidays?
A. There are no classes on public holidays. However, there will always be 4 lessons scheduled for each month.

Q. Will there be lesson replacement if my child misses a lesson?
A. Our classes will be on-going even if your child misses the class, so, we will not be able to offer replacement for lessons missed.

Q. Will you pro-rate fees if my child misses some lessons?
A. Fees will not be pro-rated and will be payable in full even if your child is unable to attend all lessons for the month.

Q. Can I temporarily stop attending class and re-join later?
A. Reqests to temporarily stop a class must be made at least 3 days in advance and will be allowed on a case by case basis. If we are not notified in advance of a temporary stop of classes, we will treat such cases as withdrawals. All requests to re-join classes will be accepted at our sole discretion.

Q. Will there be refunds of fee paid?
A. Fee paid are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Q. Will there be classes during school holidays?
A. Classes continue in the Mar, Jun and Sep holidays. However, there will NOT be any classes during the year-end (Nov-Dec) school holidays.

Q. When will the tuition classes start for a new year?
A. Each year, our classes will start in Jan and end in Oct for primary classes and for secondary classes, they will end in Sep.

Q. When is fee payable?
A. Tuition fee is payable on a monthly basis and will be payable in advance.

Q. When must I inform the centre if I wish to withdraw from the classes?
A. A month's notice must be given for all withdrawals.

Q. How big is your class size?
A. Typically, our class size is under 10.

Q. Do you follow the MOE's syllabus?
A. Yes, we follow closely the MOE's syllabus for all levels and all subjects.

Q. How do you conduct the classes?
A. We will conduct both topical revisions and examination revisions. For english classes, we will do composition writing exercise once a month.

Q. How do I register for your classes?
A. Registration may be done on-line.

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