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My son joined the tuition programme from Primary 3. This year, he is in Primary 6. Over the years, I could see that he likes the tuition classes and does his coursework without being pushed to do it.
Home based tuition
Kai An
Concord Primary School
I scored an A* in Math in the 2017 PSLE examination. I gave credit to the rigorous Math tuition programme at Milleprime, which provided good coverage of the non-routine questions which differentiated an A from an A*!
Primary student
Le Xian
Swiss Cottage Secondary School
Jia Xi joined your tuition programme from Primary 5 and now she is in Secondary 2. To this day, she is still very much a steady student under your wings. No words could describe our joy when she scored 259 in the 2018 PSLE and qualified to take the IP programme.
Secondary student
Jia Xi
River Valley High School
Besides their subject expertise, what I found had really worked for me is their contemporary style of teaching.
In a big way, my tutor had made the hard work of study much lighter so I could stay on track all the way through to the GCE N Level.
Secondary student
Shi Min
Yishun Town Secondary School

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein